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Navigating infant sleep is one of the most challenging things in the parenthood journey

You have probably tried many tips and tricks already, and perhaps attempted to “teach” your baby to sleep independently, but those results turned out to be short-lived. 

Deep down, you know there’s got to be a different way to navigate this season of your life.

Maybe what you really want is...

  • More quality sleep
  • More rest and less stress for the whole family
  • Increase in self-confidence when you find out why your baby sleeps that way
  • Validation of your experience
  • To follow your instincts to nurture your baby
  • A sense that you are not alone in this journey

You can have all of these things. The best part: We’ve got something for you!

The Zzz Hive Community Was Created To Help You Support Your Baby's Sleep From A Place Of Well-being

Join us inside to learn evidence-based infant sleep biology, strategies to optimize the sleep of the whole family, and practices to care for your nervous system.

How We Support You:

Inside the Zzz Hive you will have access to spaces that will holistically help you with your family's sleep:

The Knowledge Hive

 A growing library of content with evidence-based information on:

  • Brain Development and Attachment: infant sleep cannot be understood without knowledge about brain development and attachment. Just learning about the fundamentals of it can completely shift your view and beliefs about your baby’s sleep.
  • Infant Sleep: learn the fundamental features of infant sleep with practical tips along the way. On top of that, you are going to find our growing library on a variety of topics from sleep environment, to naps, breastfeeding and sleep and much more! We create content according to your needs. This means you can request topics and we will prepare them for you!
  • Parental Wellness:  so much of what’s out there exclusively focuses on the baby and how to change them. We go beyond that. Your well-being is essential, and that’s why we have created a space exclusively dedicated to it. In here you will learn about your parental brain, how it has the potential to nurture your baby’s sleep, emotion regulation practices, meditations and much more! By practicing our unique approach you will find out that you can actually support your baby’s sleep without being burned out.  

The Clarity Hive

Get all your specific answers to your burning questions here!

  • Weekly Clarity Sessions: 30 minute group coaching sessions every Wednesday with a weekly theme. Bring your questions as well!

  • Clarity Chat: do you have questions about your specific sleep situation? Do you need more tailored guidance? Come into the chat where Quanisha, Kristin and Rocio will bring all their knowledge and experience to help you with your unique situation.

The Connection Hive

Engage everyday with us and meet other parents! Here you will find:

Bee Social: this is our feed where we post daily. We have weekly activities, questions, polls, action reminders, and quick mindset practices to keep you going in your journey! We love hearing from you here, and the more you engage the more you are going to find out that you are not alone in your journey!! We SEE you 💓

What you will get: 

  • Access to a growing library of videos on the biology of infant sleep, brain development, attachment, parental brain, nervous system care, and much more!
  • Handouts and worksheets for each lesson.
  • Practical tips and tools you can start using right away.
  • Weekly clarity sessions focused on monthly themes. The sessions will be about 30 minutes in length and include reflective exercises to deepen your learning and practical tips to transform your experience regarding your baby’s sleep. They will be recorded if you can’t make it live.
  • Chat open to ask us questions about your specific situation.
  • A growing online community of like-minded parents.

Meet Your Mentors:

We (Quanisha, Kristin and Rocio) are passionate about supporting you and your baby’s sleep, and while we love working  one-on-one with clients, we've found that it often lacked the long term support and kinship that many parents and caregivers need along this journey. That, along with the desire to help more people than we could individually, is how The Zzz Hive was born.

It truly does take a village. We'd love to be a part of yours! 

As a co-founder of The Madre Collective and Infant and Family Sleep Specialist, Kristin currently works with families to educate and support biologically normal infant sleep and helps moms find clarity and balance beyond motherhood, in both personal and group settings. Her biggest passion has always been helping women find their inner strength and to support them through challenging times.

Quanisha is a creative writer, full-spectrum doula, licensed massage therapist, and infant and family sleep specialist who guides families through different paths into and through parenting. She's on a mission to align and support you and your new family’s needs so we can create a gratifying experience on this transformative journey with her business Butterfly Rose Village.  She also strives for systemic change through her nonprofit organization San Antonio Black Doula Collective where she is president and executive director.

Rocío Zunini has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Ottawa, and over ten years of experience as an academic researcher. She is also a Certified Infant and Family Sleep Specialist. Currently, she dedicates her time to supporting families and their children by providing courses, and coaching sessions on infant development, infant sleep, and the parental brain through Newborn Parents.

We Are Different from Traditional Infant Sleep Support:


  • Stop googling conflicting information about infant sleep.

  • Tune out the self-soothing and creating bad habits narrative.

  • Nurture your baby’s sleep with the unwavering confidence that you are building a future brain and the society of tomorrow.

  • Nighttime parent in alignment with your values and long-term parenting goals. 


Monthly: 35 USD
Annual (BEST DEAL SAVE 60 USD): 360 USD

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The support we offer at the Zzz Hive is fully aligned with developmental neuroscience, attachment and parental brain science. 

Did you know that…

  • Emotional availability at bedtime predicts healthier cortisol patterns in babies (Philbrook et al., 2014). 
  • The infant nervous system needs co-regulation to thrive and increase future mental health resiliency (Harvard Center for the Developing Child).
  • The parental brain is meant to respond to a baby’s cry and communication responsively and sensitively (Young et al., 2017).

This research is at the core of our unique approach to supporting you.

The well-being of both is paramount to us, and meeting your baby’s and your needs is possible with the right information and support.

Time Limited Offer

Founding Member Bonuses!!

We have gifts for you for being a founding member! 

  • Access to the workshop The Parental Brain Method: how to detect parenting advice that does not serve you. Developed by our neuroscientist team member Rocio Zunini, it is the perfect companion to navigate conflicting infant sleep advice out there. 
  • Creating a bedtime routine handout with cut-outs so that you can create a visual routine for your toddler.
  • A birth processing guide developed by our doula team member Quanisha McGruder. 

Here's What Some People That Worked With Us Have To Say! 


+ I have little time, and I'm not sure I can make it to live sessions - does that matter?

The exercises and reflective practice can be perfectly done with a recorded version, and you will be able to ask us questions even if you can’t make it live.

+ Where is the membership hosted?

All the materials as well as the community are hosted in Mighty Networks, which you can easily access through a phone app. It is ideal for busy parents, and you can watch videos and interact even when you are nap-trapped!

+ What happens once I sign up?

Once the payment has been processed, you'll be sent a welcome email with all of the information needed to access the membership and the best place to start.

+ Is there a refund?

The Zzz Hive offers a first 30-day money-back guarantee for the first 30 days after the purchase for those who pay for the annual membership.

The Zzz Hive offers a 15-day money-back guarantee the first 15 days after the purchase for those who pay monthly with no questions asked.

Come to the Zzz hive and be well on your way to confidently supporting your baby’s sleep!

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